Friday, 17 March 2017

Hinton Hunt - kick off

As you may have realised from last few posts I have started work on renovating my small collection of Hinton Hunt original figures.

Being a typical wargame I wanted more figures. After all I needed cavalry and few more infantry would not go amiss. Well it just so happens that John Cunningham does a few recast HH figures.

The first batch have arrived and rather fine fellows they are too.

John does a lot of different classic ranges and if you are interested why not drop him a line to

This morning I flicked through my old copies of Miniature Warfare mag and found some images of Hinton Hunt figures.

This picture is from the cover of the 1970 issue and shows Peter Gilder collection. The picture is titled 'View from behind the Sand Pit to the left of Haye Sainte'. As youngster this was pretty inspirational and even today looks pretty good.

Here are some other images of Hinton Hunt figures in action from the same magazine

Saxon Infantry advancing.

 These are all Prussians. I have ordered some Prussians from John C to see if I can replicate these classic images.

If you are interested in seeing more Hinton Hunt figures then I recommend you peruse the following blogs:-

Next I will review classic rules for gaming the Napoleonic Wars.

Also I hope to be able to complete the renovation of 12 Austro-Hungarian Infantry in the next week.


Purp S said...

Thanks for sharing - awesome pics

Phil said...

Great photos!

Physics Unleashed said...


The Good Soldier Svjek said...

The first steps into a classic collection of figures , like the Old School appeal , Tony

Wellington Man said...

Classic photos. Many thanks for posting these. Some intriguing conversions amongst them too!

Best regards, WM

the Archduke said...

Welcome back to the ranks of Hinton Hunt groupies, great to see these pictures and I look forward to some more figures for your General to order about.

Anonymous said...

Like the pictures. I may have the first one in colour scanned from a book.