Thursday, 23 March 2017

Hinton Hunt - Hungarian WIP

I have started the renovation on the first of my 12 Hinton Hunt figures and I thought I would share some images of the progress.

A reminder the unit looked like before starting.

A close up of one of the figures before his bleach bath to strip the layers of paint and varnish.  I had an interesting painting style back in the early 70s. I was about 14/15 at the time.

I have used a black undercoat. I then use off white paint leaving black around the belts etc. I will tidy up the black with acrylic ink and then finish with a full white as a highlight.

A rear shot of the figure.


Martin said...

Reminds me of the old joke, "How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Answer: Practice, practice, practice!" You have come a long way since you were a teenager. Those are some stout hearted fellows that, no doubt, will look very good on the tabletop!

The Good Soldier Svjek said...

You can't beat figures with a bit of history behind them , Tony

Wellington Man said...

There's nowt so strange as the archaeology of one's own life. Wonderfully rejuvenated, Mark.

best regards,


Anonymous said...

Well at least you attempted black lining in the 70s, which is more than I did. It's great to see these brave chaps being restored. I look forward to the completed unit.