Monday, 10 April 2017

Hinton Hunt - Hungarian

I have finally finished the first 12 Hinton Hunt Hungarian figures. Doing Hungarians required a fair bit of patience doing all the black lining around the white belts and straps as well as the knots and braid on the trousers.  I learnt a few lessons on how to approach producing the classic look.

I have not decided on base sizes or the material to use.  The sizes used by others who collect these figures is 40 by 30mm for 6 figures. This gets a bit more complex for single figures on 13.3mm and 26.6 for 2 figures. My inclination is to use Imperial measurements as this is seems right for figures of the early 70s that cost a shilling at the time if you bought 100 figures.  So I am thinking 1.5 inches instead of 40mm and cavalry on 1.25 instead of 30mm for 2 figures.

For basing in the early 70s I would have used beer mats. Its been a long time since I last saw a beer mat in a pub so I think I will use Daler Art Board and cut to size


The figures are painted as 37 Infantry Regiment - Weidenfeld with poppy red facings and yellow buttons. I used a gold gel to apply the buttons. I got this from Paperchase from their own brand. They also do silver and white. I left the figures 24 hours after using the gel pen before varnishing.

Next up I am going to paint some Cavalry. I have bought some French Elite Hussars with swords (FN 315) from John Cunnigham who offers a small selection of recast Hinton Hunt figures.  I will paint these in groups of 6 for cavalry and 12 for infantry.


Wellington Man said...

They're trickier than they look, these old castings, but you've carried it off to perfection. Those are absolutely smashing. I can't wait for the rest of the battalion.

Best regards


The Good Soldier Svjek said...

Nice looking figure, your making a good job of them, Tony

Mark Dudley said...

The metal finish and flash on these figures are certainly not domething one sees on modern figures. However there is a charm to these figures and the whole renovation and painting was fun.

I am going to switch around figures/units alternating between infantry/cavalry to keep it becoming a chore.


Mark Dudley said...

Thanks Tony. I do like the Hinton Hunt figure range. I also have some early 20mm Mini Figs (Alberken) to paint.