Monday, 17 April 2017

20mm Napoleonic - Review

I have been reading about Matt's collection on the Hinton Spieler blog and how he has completed Phase 1 of his collection.

Well it seems like a jolly good idea if I recorded my immediate plans for my classic 20mm collection.

For the allies I plan to initially complete the following units. 

Hungarian Infantry bttn. This will be made up of the following figures.

AN22 Line Officer charging * 2 (original)
AN24 Line Infantry charging * 20 (original)
AN22 Drummer * 1 (JC recast)
AN9/29 Standard bearer * 1 (JC recast)

Hungarian Grenadiers

AN33 Grenadier firing * 14 (Original)
AN30 Officer charging * 1 (Original)

I need some extra figures for this unit.

Prussian Infantry (on order all JC recasts)

PN3 Prussian Charging *21
PN5 Prussian Infantry no weapon * 1. This will be used as a standard bearer.
PN12 Guard drummer * 1
PN13 Guard Officer charging * 1

I will convert the drummer and officer figures to line command either by head swap or milliput.

Prussian Dragoons.

PN81 Prussian Dragoon raised sword * 12 (JC recasts). I will try converting a standard bearer and bugler from these figures.

French Old Guard

FN23 Grenadier Firing * 10 (Original)
FN28 Grenadier NCO * 12 (JC recasts)
FN24 Grenadier Standard bearer * 1 (JC recast)
FN27 Grenadier Officer Marching * 1 (Original)

French Light Infantry/Voltigeur

This unit will be formed using my original Minifigs figures bought from BMW Models in Haydons Rd Wimbledon. The links below show images of these figures from the Lazy Limey blog. They are a bit more staid compared to HH figures but, in my opinion, are compatible with HH.

FN25 French Voltigeur Officer * 2

For some reason I painted these as Austrians. A folly of youth no doubt.

FN16 French  Advancing * 20. There are images on lazy limeys blog.

I will need to add a couple of figures to this unit. I have a Douglas Voltigeur standard bearer I can use for one of them.

French Infantry unit.

I have the basic starter figures to form a cadre for this unit.

FN5 French Infantry charging * 11.  5 of these figures will require repairs for broken muskets/bayonets. Fortunately JC also sells muskets which I will use to make replacements.

French Elite Hussars

FN315  French elite Hussars with swords. * 12 (JC recasts). I will paint 2 squadrons from different regiments to create a composite unit.

French Guard Artillery

Warrior Artillery piece with 5 HH original figures.

I also have some mounted officers including a Minfig 20mm Murat, Blucher (PN6), French Mounted Officer (FN224).  These are JC recasts

Finally no collection would be complete without a Napoleon (FN350). I have just bought one on ebay and it looks to be an original.

I am sure I will procure more in the coming months. I just need to crack on with the painting. 


Wellington Man said...

That certainly looks like a plan, Mark. I'm very impressed at the speed with which you acquired Napoleon. It took me well over a year to find one!

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Matt

Having a plan is one thing. Delivering is another thing sll together.

A bit like buses I wonder if we are now going to see a bunch of HH Napoleon coming up for sale on ebay.

Back in the 70s I had a minifig Napoleon. I did have a HH Massena though.


EB said...

It's a splendid plan, Mark, good luck and enjoy.