Wednesday, 27 December 2017

French Fusiliers

Over on the Hinton Spieler blog Matt has been showcasing his new Battalion, of rather nice French Infantry, using Garrison miniatures.

The Garrison figure pose is a classic used by many of the figure makers of the time. In all I have 4 different Fusiliers in a similar pose in my lead pile.

From left to right they are Garrison (FN7), Alberken/Minifig (FN30), Les Higgins (NF11) and finally Hinton Hunt (FN5)

The Alberken  and Hinton figure are stylistically similar. The Alberken was I understand designed by Peter Gilder and does appear rather similar to the HH one.

I think they are close enough that I may even mix Alberken elites with HH Fusiliers in the same unit. Is this sacrilege ?

Of the 4 figures the Les Higgins figure has the crisper detail but, as is common with this range, has a rather wooden demeanour.  I have enough Higgins figures to make a couple of French units in the lead pile.

The Garrison figure has one difference in that he his advancing with his weight on the left leg. His body is moving forwards whilst the other figures seem to be in a more defencive posture.

Does this make the Garrison figure more Gallic?

I  am currently painting a French Alberken unit and hope to have the first figures finished for the New Year.


Following the comment by LG I have added a few more photos of the FN5 figure.  The underside of the base has the HH code.

I have compared the figure with another FN5. They look similar but.

The pose is different with the head position and shako size shown up below.

So its the figure in white a Hinton Hunt ?

As I intend to mix them with Alberken/minifigs in a unit the answer to that question is perhaps not important.


lewisgunner said...

Must say that I am not convinced that the last figure in your line is an HH. He looks a bit too rangy to be the appropriate 1812-15 FN. The base looks right, could he be a DK?


Wellington Man said...

Mixing HH fusiliers and Alberken elites is a great idea, Mark - although my secret plan is to do it the other way round.
Your HH looks like a rather nice early casting. He's even got a proper gap between his right arm and his body!

I can't wait to see your new battalion.
Happy New Year, WM

Mark Dudley said...


I have updated my post with some extra images showing the code in the base and a comparison with another FN5 I have from my Oxfam haul.


Mark Dudley said...

Hi Matt

I have added some extra photos so perhaps both of my FN5s are original Hintons but from different moulds.


Stryker said...

Hi Mark - there is some variation within the vintage HH FN5 figures that I have. Some have a gap under the arm while in others the arm is tight against the body. I think this is another example of the multiple 'masters' used for production.