Monday, 1 January 2018

5th Regiment de Ligne

This morning I finished varnishing the first 2 Fusilier companies of the 5th. This unit will be formed using Alberken/early Minifigs and will consist of:-

14 Fusiliers (FN30)
8 Elites (FN15)
1 Eagle bearer (FN26)
1 Line Officer (FN25)

I decided to do a paint restoration on these figures rather than a full strip as the original figures had the main block colours completed.

This is how the figures started out.

These figures do not have the detail that is found on similar Hinton Hunt figures but will mix well on the table.

I decided to form these as the 5th Regiment de Ligne after the scene from the film Waterloo where Napoleon strides out alone in front of the bayonets of the 5th regiment, crying: "If you want to kill your emperor, here I am!" 

They defect to him immediately.


Stryker said...

That's a great job Mark! I actually think it's harder to touch up a figure that it is to start from scratch with the problem of matching colours but you have done these figures proud.

Jim Duncan said...

Cracking start to the year Mark.

Alastair Morrison said...

Lovely toys Mark...
And nicely renovated.

All the best. Aly

Mark Dudley said...

I find it easier to touch up figures if the basic block colours are OK. As I mostly use Acrylics adding a coat of paint does not obscure detail. Of course if the figures are covered in thick paint/varnish then its a bleach bath and full paint job.

Mark Dudley said...

Thanks Jim.

But can I keep it up or have I peaked too early. Started working on the 8 Elites this afternoon.

Wellington Man said...

Wow, Mark, you've done those beautifully. I'm also really impressed that you managed to do this on top of the original basic paint job. I can't wait to see what you make of the flank companies!

Al the best,

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Aly

They may be old toys but once renovated they are as good as new. I should have enough classic Napoleonics for a game soon.

Mark Dudley said...


One of the advantages of Acrylics is that you can over paint with a relatively thin coat of new paint. The only problem is white which needs a second coat to get a good opague finish.