Thursday, 11 January 2018

The Prussians are in the woods!

Over years the I have had various Napoleonic wargame armies in different scales. I have collected most of the major, and many minor, nationalities. However I have never had a Prussian army. When I started my classic Napoleonic last year I decided that I was going to do some Prussians. 

I have so far managed to get 2 units of Hinton Hunt original cavalry units and  a recast Blucher. Today the postman delivered a small parcel and to my delight I now have some Prussian Infantry. 

These figures are part of trade with Tony S who is getting my Garrison French in exchange. Part of the fun of collecting classic Napoleonics is the searching and buying figures and exchanging figures with other gamers. 

I now have 3 Infantry units in my painting pile,  First up is s unit of DK Line Infantry including a standard bearer.

I had originally got in contact with Tony via a post on Matt's blog regarding sone DK Lutzowers. Tony had included this unit in the trade and he has added a couple of Prussian command figures. I am very pleased with this unit and it will go with my Lutzow Lancers.

And last but not least a unit of DK Jagers with Officer and Hornist figures.

I now have quiet a queue of classic figures to paint. I have decided I need to sit down and have a painting plan.  My first objective is to finish the French 5th Line by the end of January.


The Good Soldier Svjek said...

A fine collection of Old School Goodness !

Stryker said...

Well done on gaining so many Prussians. Reminds me that I started my project with the aim of recreating the HH Prussian army of my youth. I now have enough figures but no longer have the youthful mentality to paint them all!

Phil said...

Nice looking Prussians!

Wellington Man said...

Aaah, Prussians. You're a man after my own heart, Mark. Those should paint up beautifully.
Best regards, WM