Thursday, 8 November 2018

Waterloo Fans cut

I watched the film, Waterloo a Fans Cut in HD, on youtube today. This included some extra scenes I had not seen before. There were a few extra little scenes added in the battle sequences.

It was fun trying to spot them.  Here are a few. Excuse the poor images.

The pictures below show short scenes that have been added for Ligny and when the Prussians advance at Waterloo. I have heard that the original film had more scenes covering Plancenoit. Shame they were cut.

This last one looks like a mock up board of a scene and includes this dialogue.

Blucher "We drew blood, Wellington, but you cut the throat. You had the bucket of it"

The HD version is worth watching even without the extra scenes.


Stryker said...

Interesting - must take a look!

David Crook said...

Hi Mark,

I remember reading that the original version of the film was around 4 hours long but was cut for Western distribution. There was more on Ligny as well as Plancenoit. I also read somewhere that this version was shown in Italy but there are a number of longstanding copyright ownership issues which means that getting a directors cut version is unlikely.

Many thanks for sharing.

All the best,


Mark Dudley said...

Rob G has tried to post the following response. He had a problem proving he was not a Bot.

He posts:-

Somewhere (in the loft?) I've got an original publicity brochure with lots of stills from the film from when I saw it as a schoolboy. You can clearly see the bolt action on many of the rifles carried and the much more basic uniforms worn by troops several ranks back. Best of all you can see a giant fire engine behind some trees by a burning building - can't remember whether it's Hougoumont or La Haye Saint.

Also have you noticed that many of the scenes of Prussian hussars charging are reversed images - like your second posted image, hence all the lefties in the Prussian cavalry.