Sunday, 26 January 2020

Douglas Voltigeur

I have had this Voltigeur Officer for a while. Looking the shape of the base I think this may be a Douglas figure  possibly code NP17.

He is a bit thicker set than other Douglas figures in the range. I have nicknamed him the Enforcer.

This weekend I painted up an old DK Russian standard bearer to go with the old Alberken figures I recently got off ebay.

These figures are painted to a basic style how the varnish has yellowed with age. I have tried to age the DK standard bearer using acrylic ink to stain the paint. I will leave these figures as they are - at least for now.

So that is 14 Infantry figures completed this year. I have started my next unit - 12 JC recast French two piece  Dragoons.  I just need to decide which Green to use.


Aly Morrison said...

The enforcer looks like a tough old nut( nutter )
The Alberken’s have come out really well...
I would have found it really hard to not touch them up more....

All the best. Aly

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Aly.

I have done no more than a quick coat of gloss varnish and stuck them on bases.

The Alberken painting is very much of its time and shows how far painting has come along.

I gave no doubt these veteran figures will out perform my own painted units on the tabletop.

Wellington Man said...

I'm with you on the Douglas ID, Mark. I love his "fighting stance"!

Do I detect (gasp) a gap or two in your Alberken line up? I'm facing a similar issue with some very rare Lammings at the moment. I'm desperate to paint them, but they're a couple short of a battalion. This never used to stop Peter Gilder, I note. Judging from numerous photos of his armies in action, the odd missing figure never seemed to bother him very much.

Rob said...

I do like the 'Enforcer' - full of character although I think I'd do something with modelling putty to his upper right leg as there's something there that doesn't quite look right but hard to tell without seeing him in the flesh.
The Russians look nice and if you hadn't said the varnish had yellowed I'd have assumed it was just a bit of shading.

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Matt

There are only 21 figures in the unit however they are well trained and make sure they maintain their frontage.

Peter Gilder often had more than a few figures missing from his units.

Go ahead and paint them. Perhaps add a couple of stand ins until you find the extra figures.

David said...

I love that you have already gotten these out of their box and onto some good stands for gaming. I could learn a thing or two from you there!