Sunday, 22 March 2020

9th Prussian RIR 3rd Battalion

I seem to be painting a lot of Green recently.

Last year as part of a trade I got a bunch of Les Higgins figures including 30 Rifle types painted green.  The 3rd Bttn of the 9th RIR were equipped with British Rifle uniforms in 1813 and wore them all the way through to Waterloo.

This weekend I finished the first 12 rank and file and got them based and ready for inspection.

I had originally planned on adding bayonets but in the end left the figures alone.

The next 9 rankers are 50% done and the command will be provided by a Hinton Hunt officer and drummer in standard uniforms. This will add contrast to the unit. The standard bearer will be a Les Higgins officer, the type pointing, which will be adjusted to take a fizzy can flag. 

I hope the get the unit finished by the end of March.

In other news today I took a short trip of just over a mile to Ilkley Moor for a breath of air and to stretch my legs.  I got to practise some Social distancing.


Rob said...

Spectacular view, and within walking distance!
Your Prussians and their buttons put my 95th to shame - just looking at them I can't help myself seeing them as Brits - I reckon they'll be confused until they get their command.

Wellington Man said...

Very well done, Mark. I like the brown packs. This sets them off nicely.
These would do equally well as KGL or Hanoverian light infantry. All you'd need to so is swap the command element. That's my cunning plan anyway....

We don't have a suitably lonely moor to hand, but there are loads of hills!

All the best,

Stryker said...

Nicely done Mark!

Matt said...

Very nice indeed.

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Handsome troops! One of the regiments I had hoped to add to my Waterloo-era Prussian corps once upon a time.

Best Regards,


Mark Dudley said...

Hi Rob

Once I get the command done with a fizzy can flag I am sure they will know who they are.

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Matt

I like the idea of switching the command element. The L√ľneburg Field Battalion, a line unit, also wore green rifle uniforms. I will add another 4 figures to the paint queue to create a command stand.

Rob said...

If their command group keeps swapping then they'll really get confused - I think you should expect some friendly fire incidents in their first game.