Friday, 19 March 2010

30mm Comparison photos

I have posted a few pictures of my growing 30mm Classic Collection. From left to right the figures are:

Spencer Smith classic pose
Jackdaw - French Artillery
Tradition - Prussian Genadier aka the Erbprinz (code FP6)
Tradition - Prussian Officer (code FP4)
Tradition - Officer with espontoon ( code FP7)

What interesting is the difference in height between the various figures but particulary the difference within the Tradition range. Not that I am worried as Peter Young used figures from many of these ranges.

My next gaming activity will either be the Chiraz Campaign or refighting Sittangbad. Both will be using my 28mm collection.


johnpreece said...

That is a very useful illustration of the differing styles and sizes. I would happily use any of them but I must admit to a soft spot for the Minot figure.

I consider Barry Minot to be the forgotten sculptor. The only people who seem to collect him are myself and the anonymous 'gentleman' who always outbids me on ebay whenever Minot Wargame figures appear for sale.


Liu Liu said...
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Captain Nolan said...

How do RSM95 compare to these figures?