Monday, 1 March 2010

Electoral Cavalry - Schuch Dragoons

A squadron of the Schuch Dragoons patrolling the borders looking for any sign of Imperial activity.  The Schuch Dragoons are mostly recruited in the Kirsbach region and are often called the 'Bakers' Dragoons as many of the recruits come from the local bakery school. 

These are the 2nd batch of Spencer Smith figures I have painted. I have tried to copy the uniforms of the legendary Marchmont Dragoons from Charge. I have tried the black lining method to emphasize the different colours - a method I have not used in over 30 years. I also get the painting style simple and used plenty of paint to build of the colour. These guys have been finished with a gloss varnish and finished with 2 coats of matt varnish. I hope the extra protection offered with 3 coats of varnish will help offset the damage caused when un-based figures are tumbled about on the table and in storage.

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