Monday, 1 March 2010

Some old Minot Prussians

I first bought these 24 of these Barry Minot figures way back in the 70s when, from memory, I visited Willie figures in Sloane Square. They are I think 1806 Prussians and originally had bayonets. I had removed these to make them into Prussian Jager.

The first picture shows how far the painting of 16 of them had got since the 70s - a bit of Green and black. I did however finish 8 of them and the 2nd picture shows these figures based up for Piquet. These guys have seen plenty of action and with 4 extra figures painted will make up my first company of jager.

The remaining12 have been sprayed black ready for painting this week. They will be a frei corps company and will have black coats edged red and green trousers - probably named the Frei Schwarzen Jager. This unit will initially be an electoral unit but given these dubiuos values will probally see action fighting for both the electoral and imperialist as the campaign progresses.

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