Monday, 25 April 2011

Dolcelatte Cavalry head for the border

This weekend I managed to finish another 6 Prince August 40mm cavalry figures bring the Dolcelatte Heavy Cavalry up to strength 

My Cavalry units consist of 21 figures.  This allows me to use them as 20 man units for Charge with 2 companies of 8 plus 2 officers and a CO and musician or for the Wargame, which I play with 3/4 size units so 18 troopers and 3 Officers.   

I have also managed to get some more Merit trees on EBay. I am probably going to stick these on 2p pieces and paint card stock to represent the boundary of the woods. This way I can use them singly or place them on the card when I need more a more substantial wood.

The painting style I use for my Prince August is very much an Old School one. I use Acrylics and on these figures I used 3 coats of Red for the main uniform colour. This gives a solid bold colour. There is no shading although I use a brown floor wax wash on the darker areas and the horses. They are finished with 2 coats of Gloss varnish. They need this protection as they bet a bit banged around particularly as they are singly based.       

Deployed for Battle - The Dolcelatters are and awesome sight and are the pride of the Elector of Furstenburg-Lederhosen army. The are the only unit allowed to use the world famous Furstenberg kettle drum.  (Actually I don't actually own this mould so cannot cast any more) 

The Prince August moulds used to create this unit are:-

From the Holger Eriksson range - moulds 11, 12, 26, 28 and 40

and from the Karoliner range S934