Thursday, 14 April 2011

Spring Parade

With the impending campaign due to start it time to see some of the Electoral Army on Spring Manoeuvres

First a company of the recently formed Liebgarden. This unit has now been issued with regulation bases and displays it regimental flag which it received for the Electress Emma thus last weekend during the Hulrback festival and flower show. Captain Otto Von Schuch proudly leads his men forward 

 A closer shot of the Captain. He is in fact a converted figure with the hand and sword stuck on from the officer in the background. One of the joys of casting your own figures is taking the blade to then to create new figures. If it goes wrong just throw them back in the pot  

My first unit was the Sbrinz, a Swiss unit employed by the Duke of Saveloy and part of the Electors Max small army. This unit has already fought a number of battles and has seen the backs of the enemy at a number of previous engagements.

And finally some artillery support in the form of an Electoral Field gun and crew.   


Prinz Ulrich von Boffke said...

What wonderful figures and units! Well done!

Best Regards,


littlejohn said...

Beautiful stuff!