Monday, 25 April 2011

The Duchy of Calvados

Here are a few shots of the Calvadorian Army.

First up is the Bechemal Hussars. This unit is only 13 figures strong at the moment. I have 6 cast figures ready to paint but need to cast a couple more before paining up the rest of this unit. They are Saucy fellows who mix well with what ever company they keep. There are very much a ladies unit and like a good night out on the town.   

The Livarot deployed in line.  My infantry unit, like my cavalry, are organised so I can use either Charge or the Wargame. Each regiment has 30 or 32 infantry, 2 drummers, 2 NCOs, 4 Officers, 2 Standards and 1 Mounted CO.  In all the muster as 40-42 foot figures and 1 mounted CO. Being singly based you can actually use them for any rules and any formations you like. Once you go for single basing you will never look back. 

Calvadorian Heavy Metal in the shape of a couple of Nurnberger Meisterzinn cannon and Prince August crew.The crew are slightly under strength - have some cast ready to paint. 

And finally the Royal Boursin marching with flags fluttering in the early spring breeze.


Paul Liddle said...

Wonderful looking army and a fantastic old school set-up, I had the same haystack since I was a small boy, now I must go and look for it.

Thanks for sharing these pics,


abdul666 said...

A colorful, cheesy (?) force: compliments!

Prince Lupus said...

That's what a wargame unit should look like - tremendous stuff

tidders said...

lovely looking units (I must get on and paint my 40mm lead mountain !)

-- Allan