Friday, 1 January 2016

Battle of Noelsville

First game of the year is a small affair using my classic Spencer Smith collection.  Each side has 2 infantry units, a cannon and a cavalry unit (I used unpainted figures for these).

My opponent for this little affair was my son Max who commanded the Union forces.  

The rules used mix of Charge and the War Game plus some of my own rules.

The Confederates mass their Infantry in the centre, 

With artillery support. The rebel cavalry are massed on the right close to Cringle Wood.

Max deploys his Federal forces with his Cavalry and artillery in he centre and am Infantry unit on each flank. 

The Irish Regiment face Cringle Wood.

The Rebel battle line moves forward with their battle flags flapping in the early morning breeze,

Max is a chip of the old block as he quickly launches his first cavalry squadran against my artillery who are only able to remove one figure as the cavalry close and ride down the gunners.

Max quickly makes the stone wall his and deploys his artillery supported by his second cavalry squadron.

In support of his cavalry he moves his infantry against the Confedrate Infantry.

Panorama of the battle.

The Union infantry move into close range however the Rebels hold their nerve and let rip bowling over 8 Federal Infantry.  The subsequent morale test is failed and the Union turn tale and skedaddle. This unit fails subsequent rally rolls and leaves the table.

The devastation in front of the stone wall where Union cannister fire and a failed Union cavalry attack leave the ground littered with grey and blue soldiers.

The final stage of the battle sees the Irish unit take on the 2 weakened Rebel regiments.

Although outnumbered the Irish rout one of the Rebel regiments however with Rebel cavalry attacking their flank and rear they are forced back into Cringles Wood and then rout from the field. 

Max had a good time and I think I am going to have to paint some more of these figures up for the next game.  


Robbie Rodiss said...

Thats a nice looking battle you had there. The figures look really effective.

Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Yes!!! WOnderful stuff. Coincidentally, we are in the midst of a play-by-email refight of Sittangbad, using Greg Horne's vintage Spencer Smiths. I've been sharing a few photos via my Grand Duchy of Stollen blog as has Greg through his own Duchy of ALzheim blog: . I'll second Robbie's observation above. SSM igures look extremely effective en masse. It's a shame more wargamers don't use them.

Best Regards and Happy 2016,


Wellington Man said...


Inspirational! I love the Spencer Smiths!

Happy New Year,


Archduke Piccolo said...

Great: the classic two of foot, one of horse and a gun game. Love it!

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Straight out of Battles for Model Soldiers.. nothing not to like there! More please.. :o)

Andy McMaster said...

Lovely stuff, Mark. It looks most excellent!