Saturday, 16 January 2016

Down Sizing - 10mm

My impending house move means gaming at home will use a small board on the kitchen table.  Whilst I can still use larger figures I will need to use smaller figures for those bigger games.  

I have painted a few 15mm however I have often thought I should have a go at some Pendraken 10mm SYW.  So I ordered a couple of packs of March Attack Infantry to see what how they painted up.  

Here are a few images of my first Austrian unit - the First battalion of the Waldeck Regt.

I have based these figures 6 to a 2cm square base. 



A.W. KITCHEN said...

Those are very nice figures , don't think my old eyes could manage such small figures now ! , Tony

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Tony

I know what you mean - my eyes are not exactly young.


Anonymous said...

Very nice, Mark. My own Austrian Pendraken SYW are quite old now and the flags are now fading. Where did you get yours?

- Westmarcher

Mark Dudley said...


The flags were copied from Kronoskaf SYW site into Micosoft Word and resized to fit the flag staff.