Sunday, 3 January 2016

Down Sizing

I am looking to build up some smaller scale armies for quick pick up games to play against my son on the kitchen table.

I already have some Napoleonic in 15mm  however the lure of the 18th Century is too much of a pull. I have a few old SYW Minifig Figures plus some Dixon Marlburian Cavalry, left over from the collections sold many years ago, which can be used at a pinch. 

Well I started painting some Blue Moon  French 15mm figures however I wanted too create big battalions a la Grant (48 figures, 4 officers and a mounted CO).  Digging around I found 8 Austrian Minifig Grenadiers and some Lanchashire games French to bring the numbers up to full strength.

It's been a while since I painted 15mm however I found them easier to paint than I thought.

Anyway here they are with the full unit deployed in line. In all the unit is 24cm, or over 9 inches, in length. A unit this size will be interesting to move and maneovre on the table top. More thoughtful planning and positioning will be required to bring these into action.

A slightly closer look.

In addition I have renovated these old Minifig Austrian Cuiassier. Both these units will form part of my Imperial Army.

These are organised as 6 figure squadrons with an officer type.

Next up will be some renovated Minifigs painted as the Saxon Leib Garde (2 companies in Mitre and 2 in Austrian style bearskins). These will be organized as a converged Grenadier unit with 32 figures, 6 officers and a mounted Officer).


Der Alte Fritz said...

I've always thought that 15mm figures are ideally suited for large Grant style units. Your battalion looks great.


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...


Best Regards,


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Moi aussi!! Even better with the Minifigs, possibly my favourite figure in this scale and period....

Chris said...

They say great minds think alike. (But what about those of us with mediocre minds?!)

Anyway, I am normally into 28mm and 54mm, but lately I've also been downsizing to 20mm, 15mm, even 6mm in a couple of instances. Sometimes I've cut down to smaller setups over-all as well, such as those for One Hour Wargames. In part this is to allow me to dabble in minor periods, and in some cases to make possible taking some stuff along on vacation; anything as large as a xerox box full usually won't pass muster.

Best regards,

Chris Johnson