Tuesday, 19 December 2017

French General

Musket and Marshals needs quiet a few officer figures to lead the troops to victory.

I have finished a generic French officer using a JC recast one piece figure (FN224)

This is a very nice casting and had very little flash to clean.

I have not yet given him a name but no doubt something will come to mind.

I have also finished my 16 British Fusiliers to make up a 2nd Fusilier unit - the 23rd Fusiliers

The cast on flags were tricky to paint but seem to have come out ok.

I have tried to match these newly painted  figures (on the left) with the renovated ones I picked up at Oxfam on the right.


Anonymous said...

Nice work Mark. I like the way you have achieved depth in colour - especially your blues.

Tony S

Norm said...

Super impressed by the hand painted flags.

Stryker said...

Very nicely done Mark, I have yet to paint any British flags myself but yours are very impressive!

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Tony

I used a little shading and highlighting on the blue. I tried to keep it subtle rather than using garish multiple highlighting used on 28mm figures.


Mark Dudley said...

Thanks for the kind comments.

I am now ready to try painting a coke can flag a la WM.

The Good Soldier Svjek said...

I do like one piece castings and cast on flags which I agree are difficult to paint , yours have turned out well .

Jim Duncan said...

Cracking General figure, nicely painted.

Your Union flag looks better (more accurate) than some commercially produced items.

Well done.

Alastair Morrison said...

Very handsome chaps Mark...

All the best Aly

Wellington Man said...

They are all totally brilliant, Mark.
I couldn't decide what to call this General either!
Best regards