Thursday, 30 November 2017

AWI Paper Soldiers

At the Battleground show last Saturday I picked up a copy of Peter Dennis AWI paper soldier book. The book contains pages of paper soldiers and covers all the forces involved.  You can copy and print as many as you like.

As a change from doing Hinton Hunt classics I have had a go and knocked up a unit of rebel militia.

I only had cheap 75 gsm paper but the result looks ok.  I based them on some 40 by 30mm bases I had and did a very simple bit of work on the bases.

Not bad from the front.

And alright from the back. Which is how must games are played.

They will however get a saving through for a flank shot.

Certainly a cheap and cheerful way to create armies and with Hessian and French Infantry European warfare is possible although paper head transplants may be required to create tricorne cavalry from the Light Dragoons included in the book.


Der Alte Fritz said...

I like those, wouldn't have thought of basing them like metal or plastic figures. Nicely done.

The Good Soldier Svjek said...

I've always wondered about problems cutting the figures out being a bit ham fisted ?

Mark Dudley said...

The mdf bases give the figures a bit more substance and make it easier to pick up.

The ground work uses PVA glue which is a paper soldiers best friend.

Mark Dudley said...

The cutting was actually quiet easy. I used a small pair of scissors.