Sunday, 19 November 2017

French Fancies

Over on the Hinton Spieler blog Matt has posted on his  old Alberken/ Minfig Austrian figures.

Well I have thought I would share my collection of old French Alberken/Minifigs. 

I recently received a nice selection of figures from Bob as part of a trade. These include Voltigeurs, Fusiliers , Young Guard as well as a few different Officer codes.

These Fusiliers do look rather familiar.

A Minifig (FN30) and Hinton Hunt (FN5) side by side. These figures could easily be used in the same unit.

In addition I also have my old cleaned up Voltigeurs.

Interestingly I have 2 figures which are identical. The figure on the left is a FN16 French Voltigeur with boots. The figure on the right is the same but without the boots and I have been unable to to find this variant in any lists.

In all I have enough figures to make 3 units for my French forces.


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

It is wonderful seeing all of these vintage figures. Will you group them into units as is, or retouch/repaint them first?

Best Regards,


Jim Duncan said...

I am still at a standstill with my 20mm Napoleonic collection.

I hope to catch you at Battleground next weekend and I'll update you.

Your collection is coming along.

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Stokes

I will be stripping these back to metal, organise them into units and then paint.


Mark Dudley said...

Hi Jim

Lets catch up at Battleground.


Colin Ashton said...

You going to Battleground? See you there.

Anonymous said...

Minifigs have used the same codes for figures through the years for all their ranges. British LI advancing has been BN45 from S range through the intermediates to the current range. They also changed the figures within the range but not the codes so what you've seen may not be unusual.

Wellington Man said...

Your proper Alberkens are wonderful, Mark!

Regarding the two voltigeurs, I reckon the one on the right might be an FN15: Line Grenadier Advancing, with the top of his plume lopped off. Lazylimey put one on show back in 2008, here:


Mark Dudley said...

Hi Colin

I am going. See you there.

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Anon

I did not know that.


Mark Dudley said...

Hi Matt

I had a closer look this morning and I think you have solved it. Under the paint you can just make out the epaulettes.

The Voltigeur pose does not have epaulettes so using these Grenadiers as French elites will work out well.


Archduke Piccolo said...

I have a few of these 'first generation Minifigs' in my own French army. I did consider 'deep sixing' them, and they did see duty as 'second line' troops for a while, but I felt that was rather mean. They now serve as frontline soldiers 'alongside' my more numerous third generation Minifigs...

Stryker said...

You're lucky to have retained so many of your original figures Mark. I so wish that I hadn't sold my old Hinton Hunts and just stuck them in a box in the loft instead - what a treasure trove it would have been. I look forward to seeing these repainted.