Thursday, 17 May 2018

French Line Carabiniers

Next up on the painting table are some JC recast French Line Carabiniers. The unit consists of 11 FN311 Line Carabiniers and 1 single figure casting FN106.

I decided to try and make a trumpeter using the FN106. Using my dremel I removed the carbine, cuirass, cartridge box an belt.

I tried making a trumpet however I could not get a reasonable result.  I therefore made one using  the trumpet and hand from a plastic Zveszda SYW Prussian Hussar.

Where the Carbine had been a used the point of a file to dot the metal to look like a sheepskin.

Finally I used a little bit of Miliput to add a sword hilt. I also used Miliput on the bases of all the cavalry to fill and smooth the bases.


Alastair Morrison said...

Nicely done Mark...

I may be repeating myself here...

Conversion’s are addictive... ;-)

You do one or two thing you know... it’s 40 years and you’ve made a career out of it...:-0

All the the best. Aly

Stryker said...

Clever idea using the plastic trumpet it'll be good to see how he paints up!

Wellington Man said...

That is a very handsome set of castings, Mark. I'm very keen to see what you do with them!

Phil said...

Very nicely done!