Thursday, 10 May 2018

Old Guard Artillery

It has taken longer than planned but I have completed my Old Guard Artillery. There are 5 original Hinton Hunt figures and 3 Alberken/minifigs. The artillery are I think Warrior pieces I picked up at the old Harrogate show about 20 years ago.

Here is a comparison of an Alberken and Hinton side by side. The pose is similar and the two could almost be twins.

For those of weak disposition look away now.

Years ago I painted some plastic HaT 1806 Prussians as Spanish. The other day I found them and decided to give them a couple of coats of good old gloss and put them on new bases.

A bit rough and ready around the edges but usable whilst I slowly build up my classic armies

Will I be burned at the stake as a heretic I wonder.


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Lovely ordinance and crew! Almost makes me want to dig our some MiniFigs 15mm Artillery of the Guard here and finish them up after, oh, 17 or 18 years.

Best Regards,


Stryker said...

Great job with guard gunners Mark, by coincidence I have some of these on my own painting desk right now. The plastics look great and I think it's very old school to mix with your metal ones as we did back in the 70s with Airfix!

The Good Soldier Svjek said...

Think a coat of gloss can make everything O.S.

Mark Dudley said...

Go on Stokes finish them up. You never know where it will lead.

My record is 37 years to finish some figures.

Mark Dudley said...

Back in the day my Napoleonic armies were probably 50/50 plastic to metal. Where as I got the metal painted, all be it rather crudely, this was not always true for my plastic figures.

I did rather enjoy however converting figures. I seem to remember an Austrian unit in Casquet and greatcoats made out of WW1 Airfix French.

Mark Dudley said...

And two coats even better. Everything looks better in shiny.

Alastair Morrison said...

Lovely looking toys Mark...

I must say I favour the Hintons....

I say ... mixing metals with plastics... both retro and so down with the hipster kids at the same time... ;-)

Are you going to Partizan next week?

All the best. Aly

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Aly

I plan to make it to Partizan. See you there.

lewisgunner said...

I have seen a good technique for resuscitating old figures
Give a light brown ink wash.
Varnish with matt clear varnish
touch up main colours with highlights


Wellington Man said...

Nothing short of exquisite, Mark. Well done!

Mark Dudley said...


In the past I have used watered down Liquitex Antelope Brown as a wash followed by highlights.