Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Hinton Hunt Grenadiers and Partizan

The weekend started well when on Saturday morning the postman delivered a small parcel from John C.

Inside where a dozen each of French Old Guard and Hungarian Grenadiers firing.  I had been short of these figures to make up my 24 figure units.

The JC figures are seen here posing next to a couple of my original figures still wearing my rather poor 70s paint job.

On Sunday I ventured down to Partizan and the Newark showground. This the second time I have visited the new location since it moved from Kelham Hall.

The standard of the demo and participation games was exceptional and with the trade and airy location this is now the best show of the year.

Being rather attracted to things old I rather liked the simplicity of this game using flats from Tony Bath and Peter Guylers collection. The battle of Trimsos from Featherstones book War Games.

There were so many other games on show but I was also taken with this game using Command and Colours Napoleonics.

On the purchasing front I picked up some SHQ Prussian and British 6lb artillery to go with my Napoleonics. The SHQ models are seen here with some HH Prussians.

I also bought a few books. Firstly a couple of Summerfield books on the Prussian Army. These are as new and cost a less than a third of the original price.

I also bought a book on Wellingtons campaign in Southern France for less than a price of a Wargame Magazine. This is a campaign that I know very little about.

I was also particularly pleased to get a new copy of Skrine book Fontenoy on the War of the Austrian. This is Terry Wise produced facsimile and is book 152 of a limited run of 250.  This I got for a fiver. 


Wellington Man said...

Great finds, Mark!

Alastair Morrison said...

I look forward to seeing there painted up...

It was so nice to see Tony Baths flats in the flesh/tin...Evocative old school magic...

All the best. Aly

The Archduke said...

Excited to see your new Habsburg unit, Mark, and at least as excited to learn that John C is still in action. Good news indeed.