Wednesday 9 June 2010

Ilkleylads Archive - No 2 - Marston Moor

Here are some shots of a game we put on a few years ago at Sheffield. Infantry units have 40-50 figures per regiment. The game look impressive and we used 3 collections with some 2000+ figures on the table. The Royalists won this one.

Panoramic view of the infantry action

Massed regiments of Cavalry

In your face. Royalist and Scots go toe to toe

Sunday 6 June 2010

Battle of Fontenoy

I will be putting on an OS game at the Leeds wargame show later this year. The game will feature my Prince August collection. I hope that Steve Metringham will also be adding his collection to the game. 

I am thinking of doing the battle of Fontenoy.

More later.

30mm Flats - an Old School Alternative

Well I have taken the plunge and bought a bunch of Kieler Zinnfiguren or Flachfiguren. In all I have bought 67 figures - all Prussians.  They are all painted but will need some work to re paint some paint chips. 

I am not sure how I will base these figures yet - I will either go OS classic and base singularly with green painted bases or base on 60 by 40mm with 5 figures and base and texture as I would standard wargame figures. 

Here a few photos of what can be done with these figures. These can all be found on  British Flat Figure web site. The last one shows the some figures in wargame action.