Sunday 26 January 2020

Douglas Voltigeur

I have had this Voltigeur Officer for a while. Looking the shape of the base I think this may be a Douglas figure  possibly code NP17.

He is a bit thicker set than other Douglas figures in the range. I have nicknamed him the Enforcer.

This weekend I painted up an old DK Russian standard bearer to go with the old Alberken figures I recently got off ebay.

These figures are painted to a basic style how the varnish has yellowed with age. I have tried to age the DK standard bearer using acrylic ink to stain the paint. I will leave these figures as they are - at least for now.

So that is 14 Infantry figures completed this year. I have started my next unit - 12 JC recast French two piece  Dragoons.  I just need to decide which Green to use.

Tuesday 21 January 2020

Chasseur Flankers finished

I have finished off the 12 figures of the Chasseur Flankers. The unit consists of 22 original Alberken/Minifig figures with a recast Hinton standard bearer and drummer.

The Green and yellow go together rather nicely although it took 5 coats of yellow paint on the flag. I am not entirely happy with the flag as the eagle looks like a pigeon.

Alberken officers have a strange pose which I have tried to alter by bending the arms slightly. I had to do this to make room for the Drummer to fit.

So I have finished my first 12 Figures of the year which earns me 12 points. I have a French Rose (?) Voltigeur Officer almost done. 

In other news I have decided to use the prepainted Russian Alberken figures (see previous post)  as they are yellow varnish and all.  True veterans in more than one way. There are only 20 of them so I am painting a DK standard bearer and coke can flag to add to the unit. The interesting part is I am painting him to match the rest of the figures including replicating yellow varnish. 

Wednesday 15 January 2020

Battles of Yesteryear

Over the years I have seen pictures of painted box sets supplied by Alberken in I guess the mid to late 60s. These box sets cost £2 2s 0d or 2 Guineas in 1965.

I have a fondness for the Alberken range and I was pleased to pick up a box of these figures on ebay for a modest outlay (I was the only bidder)

The box contains 20 Russians and look to be Grenadiers possibly codes RN3 and RN4s.  The painting is basic and the paintwork, particularly the white , shows, the effect of age with yellowing varnish.

I will do a bit of paint refurbishment and generally tidy these figures up rather than a strip and repaint. I have 2 Russian DK standard bearers and couple of SHQ Grenadiers I can use to bring the unit up to full strength as the Arakcheyev Grenadiers.

Friday 3 January 2020

2019 Painting Review

So with 2019 done and dusted I thought it would be a good time to review my classic Napoleonics painting completed in the year.  Each Infantry/artilleryman figure painted counts as a point with a mounted figure and artillery piece counting as 2.

In all I painted 69 Infantry/artillerymen, 28 mounted and 2 guns.  So in all 129 points worth.  I had hoped to do more and aim to do more this year. I am going to move onto some Prussians next and I am hoping that the simpler uniforms may make it quicker to paint

In chronological order this us what I painted.

British Rifles.

British Lifeguards

British Royal Horse Artillery

Brunswick Line Infantry

Wellington and Picton

French Voltigeurs

Davout and Ney

Brunswick Hussars

And finally the first 12 of the Flanker Chasseurs. The other 12 are on the painting table.