Friday 23 October 2020

Major W Robertson

During the Waterloo campaign the 1st KGL were commanded by Major W. Robertson.

I have used an Alberken colonel to represent him and lead the 1st KGL in action. There is less detail on this figure than a Hinton Hunt personality figure. I have therefore added the detail, such as buttons, using paint.

Although a less detailed figure he is a useful addition to my classic collection.

I have some French artillery crew on the go before I tackle some French cavalry.

Thursday 1 October 2020

Better late than never

There have been times over the last couple of months when I lost my painting mojo and thought I would never complete the 1st KGL.

The unit certainly stretched my patience particularly as I had to use multiple coats of both red and white to get the depth of colour right.

The standard bearers and colours take time and are painted in multiple layers of paint. The regimental colour was originally a Union Jack which I had cleaned off with a dremmel. As they looked like recast figures I did not mind. I am not sure I would not be so drastic with one of my original Hinton Hunt standard bearers.

The officer, drummer and fifer are original figures and painted up nicely although why the British had some much lace and white beats me.

The full unit in line. In the Charge rules you get 1 dice per 8 figures so a full volley from a refresh unit is three D6.  At close range what ever you roll are casualties. So anything from 3 to 18. Ouch. You have to be lucky to get a column to beat a line using Charge. As it should be.