Sunday 30 September 2018

A double anniversary- 1st October

The 1st October is a double anniversary.

Firstly the Battle of Lobositz was fought in 1756. I first came across Lobositz in the Miniature Warfare magazine in 1970. I thought I would share this bit of memorabilia.

Oh yes - The 1st October is also my wedding anniversary. 

Friday 28 September 2018


I am getting close to playing my first game with my classic Napoleonics. My plan is to the first Wargame rules I used as back in the late 60s.

So I have pulled my old copy of Charge from the shelves.

There have been a couple of blog were others have been using the Charge rules for Napoleonics. Firstly Keith F has been posting of his dining table games with one Stuart A.

Andy C has been using Charge for his Shinyloo Project.

I have been reading the rules and have come up with some rule amendments I intend to try out.

Firstly I am going to downsize all units and measurements by 50% to fit in with my 24 figure battalions and 12 figure cavalry/light infantry units. Each unit will consists of 2 companies / squadrons which may act independently  if required

Secondly I am going to add morale rather than using the 50% rule. I going to use a variation of the morale rules used in Grants the  Wargame based on loses and officer casualties. 

Every time a player loses a figure roll a D6 for each figure lost. If you get at least one 6 then an officer is at risk. Any extra 6s are ignored. An officer at Risk is saved on a 5 or 6. I will mark Officer loses with an appropriate marker.

Morale is based on a basic unit value
7 Grenadiers and some better elites 
6 regular
5 militia and less well trained.

Every time a unit loses a figure/officer you have to take a morale check. 

- 1 for each have lost 1/6 strength lost
- 1 for each officer lost 
- 1 for each rally attempt (max 2 attempts)
Roll a D6 and add the units base morale. A unit needs to make a 6 or fails the morale check, if advancing the units halts and may not move or fire next turn, otherwise the unit routs.

A routed unit gets 2 chances to rally using tge standard morale test with a -1 on first attempt and -2 on second attempt.  A command officer may attach to the unit and adds 1 to the morale test.

The final change is to the infantry melee. Units in line/skirmish melee as usual with figure vs figure melee rolls.  If a column hits a line take the total number of figures in the column and divide by 2 rounding up.  The result is the number of melees that are fought as 2 to 1 individual combats against the defender. There can never be more melees than there figures in the defending unit. Remember that loses from firing as the unit charges in are added to the attackers loses when determining the melee victor.

To test these rule changes I am planning my first small game  - Battle for the Bridge loosely based on Blasthof Bridge.

Sunday 23 September 2018

Von Lutzow

I needed a Ludwig Adolf Wilhelm Freiherr von L├╝tzow figure to command my von Lutzowers.  So a quick conversion was needed.

Using a recast Prussian Hussar as the starting point I used my dremmel to remove the carbine and fashion a small pouch at the end if the cross belt.

I then added the buttons down the trouser using the point of a file.  I then bent the sword arm so the sword was at porte rather than straight ahead in a charging pose as this more a officer inspiring his troops.

Finally I cut off the head and replaced it with a Prussian Guard Officers head with feathered shako.

All in all not to complex a conversion.

Tuesday 11 September 2018

9th Prussian Reserve Infantry - done

This lunchtime I finished off the 9th Prussian Reserve Infantry.

Forming figures in a firing pose with muskets and bayonets is a bit of a jigsaw. As a result these guys will probably send most of the time in line.

The nco is a an old Rose miniatures figure and fits in nicely. The standard bearer is a Douglas figure with cast on flag

So what next.

I think I may have enough units painted for a small game.

Thursday 6 September 2018

Latest Work in Progress and other news

I am making progress with the remaining 23 figures that make up the 9th Prussian Reserve Infantry.

This unit consists of a number different manufacturers. The rank and file are Garrison British Light infantry.  The Officer is also a Garrison figure. The standard bearer is a Douglas figure and the drummer a recast Hinton Hunt Prussian grenadier with the plume removed.

In other news this week I received a small parcel from Matt (Wellington Man) containing a French Light Infantry Voltigeur. It came boxed in a rather nice little piece of memorabilia.

On the same day the Voltigeur arrived I also received an original boxed Airfix La Haye Saint.

The kit inside was used. A couple of chimneys were missing and one small piece damaged.  

I have been looking for one of these for a while as this is a must have kit for anyone who collects classic Napoleonics.