Tuesday 2 December 2014

Visit to the Great War at Meaux

I managed to squeeze in a visit to the relatively new World War 1 museum  at Meaux whilst on a family holiday during school half term.

The museum is not surprisingly more French in its views of both the background and progression of the war.

The recovery of Alsace Lorraine being far more prominent than plucky little Belgium.

Here are some photos of what they have on display.

Monday 1 December 2014

Battleground Show


Spent a very enjoyable day out at the Battleground Show this weekend.  The new venue is very good with easy access    made simpler with clear directions including photos showing the route to the show. There was plenty of parking available.

Once inside the show was well laid out with good lighting which made for better photos than many other sport hall venues.

There were plenty of traders and a good selection of both demo and participation games on offer. My son Max played Witchfinder General no less than 3 times.

It was also a pleasure to meet up with fellow AMGers Graham, Robbie, Colin, Dave and Andy.  There were 4 games that caught my eye.  

For my first photo here is a rather nice Frederick the Great vignette painted by Dave Jarvies.

Firstly my favourite game, not surprisingly as it was Old School, was the one put on by the Lancaster Cellarmen and used Spencer Smith, RSM and few Holger Erikkson figures to recreate the classic look.

Robbie and the rest of the Indpendent Wargamers put on a colourful Italian Wars game using Black Powder Pike and Shot rules.


After the colour of the Italian Wars there was the slightly more drab, except the French that is, of this interesting game put on by the Tyneside Wargames club with their grand scale representation of the covering France and Belgium in 1914.

The rules used where home grown and used 10mm figures.

And finally a Napoleonic game in 54mm