Monday 25 April 2011

The Duchy of Calvados

Here are a few shots of the Calvadorian Army.

First up is the Bechemal Hussars. This unit is only 13 figures strong at the moment. I have 6 cast figures ready to paint but need to cast a couple more before paining up the rest of this unit. They are Saucy fellows who mix well with what ever company they keep. There are very much a ladies unit and like a good night out on the town.   

The Livarot deployed in line.  My infantry unit, like my cavalry, are organised so I can use either Charge or the Wargame. Each regiment has 30 or 32 infantry, 2 drummers, 2 NCOs, 4 Officers, 2 Standards and 1 Mounted CO.  In all the muster as 40-42 foot figures and 1 mounted CO. Being singly based you can actually use them for any rules and any formations you like. Once you go for single basing you will never look back. 

Calvadorian Heavy Metal in the shape of a couple of Nurnberger Meisterzinn cannon and Prince August crew.The crew are slightly under strength - have some cast ready to paint. 

And finally the Royal Boursin marching with flags fluttering in the early spring breeze.

Dolcelatte Cavalry head for the border

This weekend I managed to finish another 6 Prince August 40mm cavalry figures bring the Dolcelatte Heavy Cavalry up to strength 

My Cavalry units consist of 21 figures.  This allows me to use them as 20 man units for Charge with 2 companies of 8 plus 2 officers and a CO and musician or for the Wargame, which I play with 3/4 size units so 18 troopers and 3 Officers.   

I have also managed to get some more Merit trees on EBay. I am probably going to stick these on 2p pieces and paint card stock to represent the boundary of the woods. This way I can use them singly or place them on the card when I need more a more substantial wood.

The painting style I use for my Prince August is very much an Old School one. I use Acrylics and on these figures I used 3 coats of Red for the main uniform colour. This gives a solid bold colour. There is no shading although I use a brown floor wax wash on the darker areas and the horses. They are finished with 2 coats of Gloss varnish. They need this protection as they bet a bit banged around particularly as they are singly based.       

Deployed for Battle - The Dolcelatters are and awesome sight and are the pride of the Elector of Furstenburg-Lederhosen army. The are the only unit allowed to use the world famous Furstenberg kettle drum.  (Actually I don't actually own this mould so cannot cast any more) 

The Prince August moulds used to create this unit are:-

From the Holger Eriksson range - moulds 11, 12, 26, 28 and 40

and from the Karoliner range S934


Sunday 24 April 2011

My sons first painted miniature

My 5 year old son has been badgering me to paint one of my 40mm Prince August figures.  Well this morning he finished the green base.  The only bit I did was spraying the figure black and sticking it to the base everything else he did himself. 

He has got the paint into the right place and its not half bad - a lot better than my first ever figure.   I will use this figure as part of the Elector of Furstenberg-Lederhosen army. 

I will set a few figures for a game using the simple rules from Charge and see if he wants to play.    

Thursday 14 April 2011

Spring Parade

With the impending campaign due to start it time to see some of the Electoral Army on Spring Manoeuvres

First a company of the recently formed Liebgarden. This unit has now been issued with regulation bases and displays it regimental flag which it received for the Electress Emma thus last weekend during the Hulrback festival and flower show. Captain Otto Von Schuch proudly leads his men forward 

 A closer shot of the Captain. He is in fact a converted figure with the hand and sword stuck on from the officer in the background. One of the joys of casting your own figures is taking the blade to then to create new figures. If it goes wrong just throw them back in the pot  

My first unit was the Sbrinz, a Swiss unit employed by the Duke of Saveloy and part of the Electors Max small army. This unit has already fought a number of battles and has seen the backs of the enemy at a number of previous engagements.

And finally some artillery support in the form of an Electoral Field gun and crew.   

Wednesday 6 April 2011

The Great Northern War

Its a while since these figures have been out of their boxes.  Swedish Infantry charging, as per usual, in a recent game we played using Beneath The Lily Banners
The first unit of Russians I painted, some 12 years ago, including hand painted standards. The units are based on 50 by 50mm bases with 3 bases per unit. Each base typically has 6 figures- although some do have more.
Cavalry units are 3 bases with 2 figures per base.

The Russian Battle line looks imposing but normally comes a cropper when faced by the fiesty Swedes.

A Russian Unit defending a bridge....
'' from a fast approaching Swedish attack

Which goes in pike first, clearing the bridge, and leading the Swedes to victory.

Some more Photos from the archives

Somewhere in the Indian sub continent the French come to grips with some rather nasty Indians.

Saxon infantry in the GNW let loose a hasty volley at some advancing Swedes. The plunging horse was made form a miscast Foundry figure

Its now 1756 and some Prussian Hussars are on patrol on the way to Lobositz

Meanwhile in North America Rogers Rangers tangle with some French and their indian allies.