Sunday 19 April 2020

Battle of Gardenville

It been sunny today and the Garden Lawn has  been cut. What an opportunity for a spot of Garden gaming.

So my son Max and I set up a played a game based on Charge.

Each side had 2 Brigades of Infantry each of 2 regiments of 24 figures and a battery of 2 guns.

The rebels advanced across the open ground. The Louisiana Tigers leading the 4th Texan as the sunlight glinted off to the bayonets.

With flags fluttering in the gentle breeze.

The Union are not slow to respond. Tge Iron Brigade moves forward to provide support

As the New York Zoauves defend a fence.

A rebel yell is heard and repeated across the battle field

Grim faced the New York Zoauves are determined to stand.

But the rebel attacks sweeps them away and allows the 4th Texans to turn on the 20th Maine holding Gordon's Farm.

The 4th Texan charge down the Gordonsville Pike is too much for the 20th Maine who turn and run.  With only the Iron Brigade left in fighting shape the game is up.

A fun way to spend a couple of hours. Perhaps I can persuade Max to play a Garden game of Fire and Fury next.

Monday 13 April 2020

Ersatz Prussian Commanders

I am slowing building up my classic Prussian forces. So far I have 2 mounted officers a Blucher and a converted Lutzow. I knew I would need more.

As I don't have any Hinton Hunt Prussian commanders I decided to get some Newline ones and mount them on some recast British Hinton Hunt horses

In my organisation I need one mounted commander for my brigades which consist of 2 units of either cavalry or infantry.

In all I have the following to paint to complete my Prussuan army - phase 1.

- 2 Der Kreigspielers line units
- 1 Der Kreigspieler Jager unit
- 1 Hinton Hunt recast Landwehr Infantry unit
- 1 Der Kreigspielers Lutzow Infantry unit
- 1 Hinton Hunt Lancer unit
- 1 Hinton Hunt Dragon unit
- Half a unit of Alberken Prussian Dragoons
- 2 SHQ guns with recast Hinton Hunt crews and Newline Limbers and crew.

Should keep me busy for a while. I will keep looking for other bits and oices that may come up.

Tuesday 7 April 2020

9th Prussian RIR - Completed

I have now finished the remaining figures for the 9th Prussian RIR (21st Regt in 1815).  I hoped to finish these by the end of March but they are a few days late. So far this year I have now finished 38 foot and 12 cavalry figures - so 62 points.

The infantry are Les Higgins British rifleman. The standard bearer is a LH officer who has had his arm adjusted and a pin added for the flag pole. The flag is made from a fizzy pop can, a la Wellington Man. The Officer and Drummer are old Hinton Hunt figures. They probably should have black facings but I have done them in red to match the flag and add a bit of colour.

The flag is painted free hand and the lettering is done using a fine pointed brush and little dots rather than painting the letters.

So what's next.  Firstly I am started 3 Prussian mounted Officers. The figures are from Newline,  mounted on Hinton Hunt British Scots Greys Horses as I don't have any Prussian horses.

I have also started prepping my next infantry unit - some DK Prussian Lutzow Infantry code 122. Hinton Hunt never made a Lutzow figure.

The command are DK Prussians and will need a little conversion to add a Milliput Litweka. I am also using Milliput to add a little height to the Infantry figures as can be seen in the middle figure.

I target to complete the mounted  officers and Lutzowers by mid May.