Wednesday 28 October 2015

Les Higgins - WIP

I have been able to get some painting done this week on a 30 figure unit of the wonderful Les Higgins 20mm WSS figures I bought earlier this year.

They are 75% done.

They look a bit vivid due to using the flash on my Iphone.  They are for my imagination War of the Saxon Succesion collection. This unit is the Hessian Erbprinz.

I have another 30 man unit to paint up as tSaxons as well as some Cavalry figures.

Saxon Flags

I was going to get some Saxon Flags from Maverick Flags but instead I knocked some out yesterday lunchtime at work using the flags Kronoskaf, MS Paint and a decent colour printer. 

Although cheap and cheerful they look ok on my Spencer Smith unit. Note the standard bearers are Tradition NCOs.

Sunday 4 October 2015

Basing Update

This week I have been able to complete the re basing on a few of my SYW/WAS collection.

First up a Hungarian Unit consisting of Front Rank and a few Crusader Grenadiers.  I painted these figures over a decade ago at at time when I painted eyes on figures. The unit is organised with the Grenadier company attached to bring it up to strength at 30 figures.

And to add a bit of fire power I have finished the re basing  of 2 light artillery pieces. These use Front Rank figures.   I iintend to use one Light gun for every 2 infantry units.

Anf finally I have finished the Saxon Spencer Smith figures. I need to get some Flags for both the Hungarian and these chaps. As far as I know only Maverick have Saxon flags.

Next up on the painting table are the 20mm Les Higgins figures started earlier this year.