Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Les Higgins - WIP

I have been able to get some painting done this week on a 30 figure unit of the wonderful Les Higgins 20mm WSS figures I bought earlier this year.

They are 75% done.

They look a bit vivid due to using the flash on my Iphone.  They are for my imagination War of the Saxon Succesion collection. This unit is the Hessian Erbprinz.

I have another 30 man unit to paint up as tSaxons as well as some Cavalry figures.


Jim Duncan Wargamer said...

Can't wait to see the whole unit!

Will you be at Battleground on November 28th?

Wellington Man said...

Very nice. More please!

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Jim

I am not sure yet but probably not as we may be moving house that weekend.

The key question I have now is do I base them on simple Humbrol Matt 80 green bases or go for the Peter Gilder basing method that I used on my Saxon Hussars and Infantry.

WM - Once I finish the unit I will post some pictures of the full unit.

Big Andy said...

Les Higgins was the MAN! As you know I love his ECW in 30mm and I have a very few of his 30mm Marlburians.
I used to have about 100 of the 20mm but like a pillock sold 'em when I was skint!
Nice stuff.