Thursday 18 January 2024

Combat at Zinnberg

I had my first game using my Zinnfiguren this morning. The Combat at Zinnberg was played using the DBSYW supplementary rules for DBN.

The game is a simple affair with the Prussians attacking the Austro- Imperialists.

The Prussian army consisted of 3 Battalions of Grenadiers, 2 of Musketeers and a Frei-battalion. Their Cavalry has 2 Cuirassier with a one regiment each of Hussar and Dragoon.

The Austrians deploy 2 Battalions of Grenadiers, 2 Hungarian Battalions together with single battalions of the Mainz Lamberg and the Imperialist Erbprinz. The Austrians also have a Grenzer unit. They slightly outnumber the Prussians in Cavalry having 3 Cuirassier regiments and 2 Dragoons. Each side has a single battalion gun.

Each side has a break point of 6.

A panorama of the battlefield with Cavalry massed in the foreground and the Infantry in the centre.

A closer view of the Prussian infantry with the Grenadiers massed in the front line. The battalion gun is attached to one of the Grenaduer units. The Prussian CinC is Von Kneesoff and he is rated as average.

The Austrians have fortified Zinnberg with the Erbprinz deployed among the buildings. The remaining Austrian infantry are deployed in 2 lines.

The Austrian Grenzers are deployed in a small wood.

The Prussians advance. 

Volleys ripple  back and forth. The Prussians are gaining the upper hand. A black dice is one hit and a red one is two hits and shaken. 3 hits and the unit is removed. 

Von Kneesoff orders his grenadiers forward and they close with the  shaken Austrians. But these are not the Austrians of Mollwitz. They stand and repel the Prussian Grenadiers who loose all 3 close assaults.

The Prussians are however successful in capturing Zinnberg and threatening the flank of the Kieler Austrian Grenadiers.

The second battalion of the Prinz Moritz regiment are deployed against the Grenzers who have had the temerity to leave the cover of the woods. A couple of volleys and a quick charge soon sees the Karlstsder Oguliner Grenz cut down and destroyed.

The Prussians decide to launch their cavalry against the Austrians who heroically accept the challenge.

The melee swirls backwards and forwards with neither side gaining the advantage. 

The Prussians are well led and finally gain the advantage destroying all 3 Austrian units for no loses of their own. The tide is turning once again.

Can the Austrians turn the tide in the centre.  The shaken Frei-Infanterie von Lüderitz are holding the centre for the Prussians. Can the equally shaken Austrians  Grenadiers prevail. The muskets roar. When the smoke clears it is the Austrian Salm and Roth Wurzburg Grenadiers that have melted away from the heat of the prussian volleys.

The Austrians have lost 6 units and the Prussians 3.  Victory to the Prussians.

A pleasant little solo game that was done and dusted 75 minutes.


Wednesday 20 December 2023

More Zinnfiguren units completed

I have added 5 more units to my Zinnfiguren armies. Four of the units were secondhand painted figures I bought from Berliner Zinnfiguren a few weeks ago when they had a sale.

The 5th unit I have painted used Kieler Austrian Dragoons as the Saxon Prinz Karl Chevauxlegers. 

The Berliner Zinnfiguren figures have been used to add two more Infantry units. These are the 1st and 2nd Battalions of the Prinz Moritz 22nd Infantry Regiment. 

Two further units are the 12th Portugal Cuirassier Regiment. These are Herbu figures are particularly nice and full of motion.

The painting of these chaps is rather nice as seen in the detailing on the saddle cloth.

Next up are a couple of guns and once these are done I think I will have enough for a small game.

Monday 20 November 2023

Zinnfiguren Armies gathers pace

I have added 5 more units to my Zinnfiguren armies.

Firstly I have painted the Karlstsder Oguliner Grenz in their earlier pre 62 uniform.  The privates are Grunewald figures whilst the NCO is a Kieler figure.

Grunewald figures are well cast with good definition and paint up nicely.

I have recently sold some of my lead mountain and used some of the funds to buy some secondhand painted figures from Berliner Zinnfiguren flea market.

When you buy figures from Berliner Zinnfiguren their website utomatically deducts German VAT for shipping to a UK address. I also kept the order and shipping costs under £135 and this did not attract any UK customs or VAT charges. 

Firstly 2 units of the Hungarian infantry using Kieler figures. These have been painted as the Batthyanji regiment but I will use these as the Nikolaus Esterhazy regiment for my Freiberg project. 

I also purchased some Prussian Cuirassier. These are painted as the 1st  Schlaberndorff Cuirassier using Herbu figures.  I have used 6 figures per base and like the look of the extra figure. I will add an extra figure to my other cavalry bases as and when I paint up the second base of figures for these regiments.

I have been pleasantly surprised by the painting of these figures. There are different grades of painting and these were classified as Extra Fine painted. They also have standard as well as the very basic painted by manufacturer.

Pricing for these second hand painted figures is just over £2 for an Infantry figure and £4.20 for mounted. Postage was 15 Euros.

Monday 13 November 2023

Kieler Zinnfiguren

I have been painting some more Kieler Zinnfiguren for my Freiberg project.

First up a unit a Prussian Frei battalion.

I have painted these as the Frei-Infanterie von Lüderitz and these were part of Kleists command at Freiberg.

For my next unit I decided on a paint restoration on the remaining old factory painted Kieler Austrian Grenadiers I bought on ebay. 

This is how they looked before my restoration.

I have tried to recreate how they might have looked when they were bought in Vienna in 1936. I repainted, touched up and tidyed up the paint work.

Finally I have painted an Austrian officer again using a Kieler figure.

Sunday 22 October 2023

Krockow Dragoons

My latest unit for my Freiberg Zinnfiguren armies is the Prussian Krockow Dragoon Regiment No 2.

I have used Kieler figures for this unit and they are certainly in dynamic Charge poses.

I could not find a nice blue for the uniform some mixed a couple of different shades together. I used Liquitex Prussian Blue ink for the shading.

A closer view shows the detail of the figures which although fine is pronounced enough to paint and shade.

I now have 10 units painted and almost enough for a small game. I will be making  a unit identification bases with holders for small dice to show strengths and record loses. For rules I am thinking of using amended versions of Charles Grants The War Game or Might and Reason by Sam Mustafa.

Next unit is a Prussian Frei Battalion and an Austrian mounted Officer.

Sunday 15 October 2023

More Zinnfiguren

I have completed 2 more units for my Zinnfiguren project.

First up is an Austrian combined Grenadier unit. These are made up of the old Kieler figures I recently got from ebay.

This unit is made up of the Grenadier companies from the Salm and Roth Wurzburg regiments.

The second unit is a Prussian Grenadier unit. I got these figures as part of a job lot I recently purchased. They are again Kieler figures and were already painted. I decided to make some minor paint changes and these are now the 8/46 Alt-Billerbeck Grenadiers.  I have some extra Grenadier figures so may add a couple of extra to ones to bring these unit up to strength.

Monday 9 October 2023

Pálffy Cuirassier

These are the Pálffy Austrian Cuirassiers. I have used Droste figures which I bought 10 years ago from Fechner.

At the Battle of Freiberg the Pálffy were brigaded with 2 other Austrian Cuirasser regiments and the Batthyány Dragoons.

I have painted the standard with the arms of the house of Pálffy.

Each Zinnfiguren figure has the codes that can be used to identify the figure. These figures are no longer available from Fechner but are now available from:-

Schum Zinnfiguren

I have also be fortunate to pick up a job lot of Kieler Zinnfiguren from a fellow gamer. I have plenty of Infantry and Cavalry now and only need to order extra standard bearers, officers and artillery figures. I will be ordering these from Schum as he sells single figures.

As part of the job lot it included a rather nicely painted Seydlitz figure.

I found this figure useful as a reference in trying to see what I could achieve with Acrylics. I still have a lot to learn but one thing I will not be doing is trying to use oils to paint these figures.

There is on other thing about Seydlitz figure.  He is only painted on oneside. This is common for figures which are then used in dioramas or mounted in pictures frames.

I will use this figure but clearly he can only lead charges going right to left.

Next up  a combined Austrian Grenadier unit.