Saturday 22 May 2021

5th Line Lancers

This morning I finished the 5th Line Lancers I started earlier this month.

The figures are a mix of Hinton Hunt and DK figures

Now the unit is painted the DK figures are a little harder to recognise and the unit looks rather smart in their nice green uniforms. I used Vallejo Flat Green for the uniforms.

Since my post early this month I have been very generously been sent 6 original Hinton Hunt Lancers by Dave V so now have enough figures to complete the full unit.

Can you spot which figures are the DK ones?

Wednesday 19 May 2021

Humbrol Green

I use Humbrol Grass Green for my figure bases on my classic Napoleonics.  Over the years I have noticed that the colour varies tin to tin. 

I have been looking for an alternative to use on the mdf bases which matches the Humbrol Green I use on the figures themselves. I gloss varnish figures, including their bases, and leave the mdf  bases matt. The Gloss varnish changes the colour as it reflects light making the figure bases lighter than the Matt finish on the mdf bases

I have tried various tester pots of Matt emulsion and think I have well found a good match.

The photo shows a comparison of a Valspar matt emulsion colour called Sea Turtle (R251A - available at B&Q), on the left and Humbrol 80 on the right.

A pretty good match and with bonus that the Matt emulsion is cheaper and easier to use.  It also gives me the option of painting my 2ft square mdf boards in the same colour.

Sunday 2 May 2021

Next up - Line Lancers

I recently received a few DK French Line Lancers from RG and now have enough figures for a 6 figure squadron. The unit will consist of 4 original Hinton Hunt figures (FN 118) and 2 Der Kreigspieler figures (DK 38).

The figure on the left is an original Hinton Hunt figure and as you can see the DK copy on the right has a shorter lance and is shorter in statue. 

As can be seen the DK figure is not only shorter but thinner than the original Hinton Hunt figure. There is not a lot you can do make the figure fatter but there is something you can do about the height.

My experience of DK figures is that they have thin bases particularly when compared to Hinton Hunt.  My solution is to add some Milliput under the base to add that extra little height.

The DK figure is now a closer match, height wise, with the better fed Hinton Hunt figure. I am hoping that once painted and based the figures will blend together.