Monday 30 December 2013

Battle of Ilkleysburg

My son Max got the BMC Gettysburg playset for Christmas which together with his other 54mm figures means he can put on some fair size games.

This afternoon we set up and fought the Battle of Ilkleyburg using some simple Wellsian rules and a Lego Cannon.

I managed to capture a few Dariographs of the resulting brisk action.

I commanded the Rebels and deployed the bulk of my troops around  Tennants Farm.

I deployed my infantry in my centre ready to attack the Union line which was well entrenched behind rubble and fences.

We started trading shots (we had 3 rounds per turn). 

Ouch - Max's shorting was accurate. 

I decided to launch my infantry in an all out attack. Max takes careful aim and...

When the smoke clears the borken remains of my troops retire in disorder.