Sunday 23 January 2022

Those men on grey horses are terrifying

I have had a squadron of Scots Greys on my painting table for a while now.  So this weekend I took a break from my 15mm WW2 and finished them off.

I got these original Hinton Hunt figures a few years ago and the previous owner had made alterations including docking the tails.  They needed a bit of work particularly on the swords which were fragile. The trumpeter was made by a transplant from a Newline figure.

I decided that I wanted a variety of grey horses.  I googled different images and then painted each horse trying to match the pictures. 

The figures themselves took some to complete. The detail was hard to see and  the red, yellow and white needed multiple coats of paint to build up the depth of colour.

I have another 6 figures undercoated awaiting their turn in the painting queue.

Monday 17 January 2022

Rapid Fire Reloaded

I have a fair amount of WW2 in my collection including some old 1/72 which I built in the early 70s.  I still have the rules I used at the time at the Richmond Wargames club, hand written, in a school exercise book.

Over Christmas I got a copy of the Rapid Fire Reloaded rules and liked the look of the changes made to the original RF rules. They have an old school feel.

So over the last few weeks I thought I would get my old 15mm Western Desert collection out and have started fix up broken bits and rebasing them.

Here are a few of the British I have done so far.

In RFR each vehicle represents 5 and 3 AFVs make up a company.  Here as a company of Crusader 2s.

A company of Honeys.

3 motor companies on the move.

A motor company consists of a carrier platoon with Boyes AT rifle and 3 bases of infantry in a 15cwt truck.

Over the remainder of the month I plan to complete rebasing the rest of my British and Italians ready for a small game in February.