Monday 14 June 2021

Prussian Artillery

My latest unit is a 6LB Prussian Field artillery battery. These are recast Hinton Hunt figures and are manning SHQ artillery pieces.

Napoleonic Prussians are a nice army to paint as they have a good mixture of unit types wearing a range of uniforms. They are not all Prussian blue. Not as pretty perhaps as other nations but functional and business like.

The figures used are 
PN 30 Officer
PN 31 Gunner with porte fire
PN 32 Gunner with rammer
PN 34 Gunner with handspike

The gun is available from SHQ and is code GUN02 - Prussian 6lb Gun

Wednesday 9 June 2021

Reinforcements and painting progress

In the last couple of weeks I have been very generously been given some original Hinton Hunt figures by fellow enthusiasts.

Firstly from the East.  Dave V has sent me 6 French one piece line lancers (FN118). One has a broken lance so I am going to convert him to a trumpeter. These figures will bring my 5th Lancers up to full strength.

Secondly from the West I received 24 French Guard Marines (FN 94) from David C.  The officer is a recast Marine Officer (FN 90) l had in my spares box.  I will use a line drummer and standard bearer to complete the command.

Meanwhile on the painting table I am close to finishing 8 Prussian gunners and a couple of SHQ artillery pieces. These should be completed this weekend.