Tuesday 2 April 2013

The Action in the Plattville Valley -1753

The Grand Duchy of Calvados and the Electorate of Furstenburg-Lederhosen have had an uneasy truce during the cold winter of 1752.  With spring approaching and the improvement in the weather both sides start planning their summer campaigns  They turn their gaze to the small principality of Malbec situated on the borders of the two sparring nations. 

The Principlaity of Malbec would not normally attract such attention other than it is is Europe's main source of  Schnupftabak (snuff) - 'Chevalier pour Homme' - a much sort after after dinner indulgence for gentlemen of society and which attracts a high price on the International Snuff Market.

A gentlemen indulges in some after dinner Chevalier pour Homme  

The prime area for cultivation is centred on the Plattville Valley and the Elector and Duke are determined to seize the area to control distribution and the price of this annual snuff crop. 

Each side send a small force consisting of  6 infantry battalions, 3 cavalry squadrons, 2 Light Infantry companies and one battery of artillery (2 guns). 

The only map available of the area available to both sides was obtained from the Schnupftabak Newsletter published in Southampton. 


The game will feature at the forth coming war game show in Sheffield over the weekend of May 18-19th and will feature my old school 40mm Prince August figures and will use the Horse and Musket rules from Donald Featherstone's book - War Games - Battles and manoeuvres with model soldiers with minor modifications. 

Unit sizes are planned to be:-

Infantry 20 figures plus 2 Officers
Cavalry 10 figures plus 1 Officer
Light Infantry 10 figures plus 1 Officer   

Rule modifications identified 

1. Infantry can fire in two ranks rather than single ranks

2. Artillery only use a single dice for ranges over 18" and two dice for under 18"

3. The musket ranges to be reduced to represent smoothbores rather than the rifled muskets in the original rules. New range bands will be 0 - 6" (deduct 1), 6 - 12" (deduct 2) 12 -18" (deduct 3) 

4. Cavalry and Light Infantry test for officer casualties using one coloured dice in 3 rather than the standard 1 in 5 used by infantry.  

  As a  prequel to the Plattville Valley action I have set up a small game for the Ilkley Old Schoolers to have a go at these classic rules.  

I will post after action reports and photos shortly..... 

Reinforcements arrive

I received a small parcel over the weekend - a kind gift from Jim Duncan 

The parcel contained some moulds, a few infantry figures, as well as 9 Mounted Cuirassier   

These gentlemen will form a new squadron in the Electors army.