Wednesday 23 July 2014

Day out at the Royal Armouries

I have a week off with the kids as our child minder is on holiday.  Monday it was a trip up the Dales and paddling in streams, yesterday was scorching so the days was spent at Ilkley lido.

Today however I took Max and Emma to the Royal Armouries in Leeds. I was not sure if Emma would enjoy it, I knew Max would, however she enjoyed as much as he did. 

Having a go at the Vickers MG shooting game was the highlight.

Battle of Waterloo. This is a smaller version of the original 1830s display by Captain Siborne and which included 75000 model figures. Not sure how many figures are in the smaller version - it's safe to say that it is more than 3000 figures used in the largest game I have ever played in.

The are plenty of exhibits and Emma particulary like this one.

A rather nice little mortar and  the arms and weapons that line the central staircase.

Also rather liked this double headed eagle.  This was part of the display for the tournament and Maximilian the first display. Something my Maximilian liked.

Saturday 19 July 2014

Charity Shop Find

As a lad my mates and I used to play diplomacy often as all nighters.

Today I visited one of the many Charity Shops in Ilkley and was very pleased to find a copy of the early 60s version of the game for £1.99.

The iconic map and pieces look complete and it has the original rule book.  With the anniversary of the start of  the Great War on the 28th July it will be a good idea to invite the rest of the old boys around for a game.

Thursday 10 July 2014

Rohan Montbazon


Finished varnishing and started basing a unit of Mindens French representing a battalion of the Rohan Montbazon Regiment. I had originally painted 20 of  these up a Imaginations however I have added 10 more figures and made the unit up to a move round 30 man unit. Flags, finials and groundwork are all still to be added,

Following a request on the AMG Lounge  I have added a few side and back images.

And the basing finished,

Saturday 5 July 2014

Latest painting interrupted


Managed to get some more painting done on my latest Minden French regiment this morning.

However I was interrupted by some cycling going literary past my front door.

And here is the leader as they come through Ilkley. Followed a couple of minutes later by the peleton.