Thursday 30 November 2017

British Fusilier - progress

Just in case you were worried that I had lost my Hinton mojo the latest troops are nearing completion. I have 14 British Fusiliers almost finished. I do however wonder if these are100% pukka Hintons though. I will do a comparison photo with my Oxfam Fusiliers,once I get them finished, to show the subtle differences.

Update: It is possible that these 14 Fusilier figures may be original from later production moulds. The figures are slightly smaller and fatter with the head at a slight angle

I need to complete the metalwork on the musket and the red on the wings before retouching, glossing and basing.

To finish my 2 battalion brigade I have s couple of British standard bearers in belgIc shakos to finish my 2 battalion fusilier brigade.

AWI Paper Soldiers

At the Battleground show last Saturday I picked up a copy of Peter Dennis AWI paper soldier book. The book contains pages of paper soldiers and covers all the forces involved.  You can copy and print as many as you like.

As a change from doing Hinton Hunt classics I have had a go and knocked up a unit of rebel militia.

I only had cheap 75 gsm paper but the result looks ok.  I based them on some 40 by 30mm bases I had and did a very simple bit of work on the bases.

Not bad from the front.

And alright from the back. Which is how must games are played.

They will however get a saving through for a flank shot.

Certainly a cheap and cheerful way to create armies and with Hessian and French Infantry European warfare is possible although paper head transplants may be required to create tricorne cavalry from the Light Dragoons included in the book.

Saturday 25 November 2017

Battleground Show

Today I travelled a few miles up North to go to the Battleground show. Its been a couple years since I visited this show. I had a good day out and my son Max was able to play a couple of 'boutigue' participation games.

He particularly enjoyed playing something called Wild West Exodus. He bought a box a figures and has stuck one together. He wants to paint it tomorrow.

We arrived at opening time and within a few minutes I had bought a nice selection of classic Napoleonic books as well a copy of Dettingen from a bookseller for £3 each.

At the table top sale I had hoped to find an Airfix La Haye Sainte and whilst I did not find one I did get these 3 Airfix kits for £7.

I explained to the sellar I was going to use them with my Hinton Hunts.  He replied that there were a couple in his group who also collected Hintons.

I wondered over to the Lancaster Cellarman game to find out more.  Their game was in classic style using Spencer Smith figures.

I had a good chat with the group who meet up every so often in Lancaster and it transpires that one member has 2000 original Hintons and another has 1000  figures.  I hope to be able to join in one of thier games in the future.

A good day out.

Sunday 19 November 2017

French Fancies

Over on the Hinton Spieler blog Matt has posted on his  old Alberken/ Minfig Austrian figures.

Well I have thought I would share my collection of old French Alberken/Minifigs. 

I recently received a nice selection of figures from Bob as part of a trade. These include Voltigeurs, Fusiliers , Young Guard as well as a few different Officer codes.

These Fusiliers do look rather familiar.

A Minifig (FN30) and Hinton Hunt (FN5) side by side. These figures could easily be used in the same unit.

In addition I also have my old cleaned up Voltigeurs.

Interestingly I have 2 figures which are identical. The figure on the left is a FN16 French Voltigeur with boots. The figure on the right is the same but without the boots and I have been unable to to find this variant in any lists.

In all I have enough figures to make 3 units for my French forces.

Tuesday 14 November 2017

Napoleonic Invasion of Britain

I was flicking through my old copies of Miniature Warfare magazine and came across an interesting 2 part article by the Bletchley Wargames Group covering a what if Napoleons Invasion of Britain.

I enjoyed re reading the article and I thought I would share. Apologies that I loaned the mag out and page 1 has been written on.

Thursday 9 November 2017

Austrian Artillery completed

Well all except the mdf bases and finishing the grass green.

I have finished my Austrian Artillery. The artillery figures and Hinchcliffe guns were all gifted to me by 3 fellow gamers and I hope you like how they ended up.

I painted the guns in a clean yellow rather looking scruffy as I would have done with 28mm figures.  It took quiet a few coats if yellow to get the finish I wanted.

I painted the barrels black after pictures I saw on the First Legion site as I liked better than bronze.  Not sure if this is strictly accurate though.

Next up I am going to renovate 14 British Fusiliers I got from Matt (WM) and 2 Ensigns I got from Bob to make up my 2nd Fusilier Battalion if my Fusilier Brigade.

I also have French Marshall from JCs range undercoated.

Figures with maps

Hill: Gentlemen I suggest we synchronise maps. I have my trusted map if Portugal.

Mack: I have a good map of Ulm and its environs.

Artilleryman: My map is blank I fill it in as I go along. Look over there that Frenchmen has a red book.

Hill: Damm those Frenchies and their Michelin guides.

Monday 6 November 2017

General Hill

As part of my Oxfam haul I picked up an old Alberken/Minifig General Hill.

I have been rennovating/painting this figure off and on over the last 6 weeks. More off than on if truth be told.

Anyway finished him today.

And this is what he looked like.