Monday, 6 November 2017

General Hill

As part of my Oxfam haul I picked up an old Alberken/Minifig General Hill.

I have been rennovating/painting this figure off and on over the last 6 weeks. More off than on if truth be told.

Anyway finished him today.

And this is what he looked like.


The Good Soldier Svjek said...

A classic figure , well painted !

Stryker said...

Very nice Mark, love the map!

Mark Dudley said...

Maps seem to be a feature of classic Napoleonics. I was tempted to make it a newspaper - the Times perhaps.

Mark Dudley said...

Thanks Tony. I am really enjoying painting my ckassic Napoleonics. Who would have thought I would be using ink for black lining figures ar my age.

Jim Duncan Wargamer said...

A definite improvement, well done.

Have put the 20mm Napoleonics on the back burner.

If you read my blog you'll see why.


Wellington Man said...

Your painting has really brought that haughty-looking aristocrat to life, Mark! Well done indeed.

mojoworking said...

Good job there Mark. "Daddy" Hill must be an accomplished horseman to be able to manage his mount while a map flaps around in his hand. I know from personal experience how difficult it is to unfold / refold an OS map while in the saddle. I now use an app on my phone to navigate when out riding.


Mark Dudley said...

Hi Jim

Left a message on your blog.

Looking forward to seeing your 20mm promoted to your painting table.

Mark Dudley said...

Weren't all British Generals haughty aristocrsts. Except perhaps Picton.

Mark Dudley said...

No doubt Aristocrats at the time learnt horsemanship and mapping reading as soon as they good walk.

Hinton Hunt Austrian Mounted General is also reading a map.