Friday, 27 October 2017

Austrian Artillery - WIP

Making slow progress. Hopefully get these chaps finished over the weekend. The eagle eyed among you will have noticed that there are now 8 gunners. Thanks to Stryker for the extra 2 figures.

Next up I am going to refurbish a unit  of Les Higgins French Light Infantry. I have started by blocking in the blue using Humbrol 104 - Oxford Blue.

One thing I have noticed is that there are slight differences in the figures snd some have malformed bases. Could these be copies? The detail looks fine.


lewisgunner said...

Both the light infantry look like pirates. LH always had very fine bayonets and the right hand figure has the sort of casting defects on his that look as though they are drop casts from a not too good mould. The prominent mould lines again do not look like an original Higgins, as their casting quality was very high and their metal gave high definition. No doubt some carving, cleaning and scraping will improve them .

Mark Dudley said...


Thank you for confirming my suspicions. I have some original Les Higgins, although not these particular figure poses, and the casting is crisper and they have Les Higgins on the underside of the base.

I have plenty of original figures to paint so these chaps will go back in the lead box.



Stryker said...

The Austrians are looking good Mark!