Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Rose and Scruby 20mm Napoleonics

Fellow blogger Bob Kett recently sent me a parcel of classic 20mm figures as part of a figure swap.

Included in the parcel were some Alberken, Les Higgins, Garrison as well as some other interesting figures.

Firstly some Rose figures which included a few painted examples. The figures are all of normal human proportions.

There were two bags of  unpainted British Infantry and French Grenadiers. I had 4 of the Grenadier figures in my armies in the 70s which I bought from a private house in Charlton whilst on London Red Rover ticket.

The British is a good match height wise with Hinton Hunt although slightly slimmer.

I am thinking of painting these as a Prussian Reserve unit even though they have the belgic rather than stovepipe shako. I have been influenced by Matt's rather nice unit here

I have added a couple of Hinton Hunt British and Prussian command to bring the unit up to strength for Marshal and Muskets.

Secondly there were 12 Scruby British Light Dragoons. I don't know if these are original figures or more recent castings.

These figures are of human proportions. Interesting the horse has no reigns which will need adding. There is also very little definition of the saddle cloth which will need adding or painting on

Size wise they are slightly smaller than a Hinton Hunt Prussian Dragoon.


lewisgunner said...

Well you could make the Rose Brits into a Prussian reserve unt, but,bas you say, the Belgic shakos would be wrong.If you do not want to do another British unit then how about painting them as the units of Portuguese that served 1809-1813 with the French on the Moscow campaign. They wore brown uniforms with red facings and the barretina shako, same as the Belgic. Nice, unusual unit. Alternatively you could paint them as Dutch-Belgian troops for the Waterloo campaign, with same shako, blue coats.

Chris said...


You might want to check out Scruby's (now Historifigs) 25mm figures--they are just a little bigger, made to compliment Airfix and similarly-sized figures, such as Hinton Hunt. I personally like the 20mm sculpts better, but the 25mm are more likely what you're looking for.

Best regards,

Chris Johnson

Wellington Man said...

I'm glad you liked the Prussian reservists, Mark. LG has a point, however. I have 12 Rose British infantry but was not completely certain what they were until you kindly identified them. They guessed it...painted as Belgians, and work very well indeed in that role!
Best regards

Mark Dudley said...

I was unaware of the Portueguese legion and it is sn interesting option. Doing them as Dutch Belgiums is a possibility as well.

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Chris

Thanks for the info. I have looked at the Historifigs website.

Mark Dudley said...

Hi Matt

A second vote for Dutch Belgiums. I think I will go with this recommendation.

I have 12 of the Portuguese air guitarist figures you used for your Prussian Reservists. Perhaps I should order a few more recasts and paint these as Prussians instead.

lewisgunner said...

That,s an excellent idea. They should have Prussian officers and drummers with the regular Pryssian uniform and the covered shako! I think that is how the Les Cents Jours site shows them.

lewisgunner said...

Ooo not the drummer