Tuesday 15 December 2020

A box of Prussians

I have been fortunate to receive some welcome reinforcement in a box of classic Prussians from a fellow gamer.  

There are a bunch of Lanwehr (on the left) and whilst the bases have been filled down you can still make out the HH code numbers. I have started rennovating a unit of these figures and I hope to finish by the end of the month.

The marching figures on the right and at the back are probably copies of an Austrian marching figure which have been painted as Prussians.  I will probably strip these and paint up as 1813 Austrians.

I was also pleased that I now have some rather nice Prussian Garde figures. Not quiet enough for a full unit unless I add a detachment of Freiwilller jager to make up the numbers.

I was also pleased that there is a rather nice Prussian Mounted Officer (PN64).

There a few figures that are not Hinton Hunt types. Firstly a drummer that is I suspect a Lamming one by the look of his face.2

Secondly there is an Infantry man advancing. This one is a mystery. I assume he is a Prussian as he has a mess tin on his backpack. Could he perhaps be an early minifig/alberken figure. 

Wednesday 2 December 2020

Boom Boom

My latest classic napoleonic unit has been completed. This French Line Artillery unit are all original crisp castings and were nice to paint.  

I am however uncertain of the manufacturer of the guns. They are nice models and have a separate axle that runs under the carriage.  This is the same as the classic 20mm Hinchcliffe artillery.  Wellington Man has suggested that they are Warrior Miniatures.  You can see an example of WM blog.


The extra artillery will come in handy as my French forces are outnumbered by Allied army.