Saturday 11 January 2014

AWI Game

We ran through our participation game for Vapnartak in a few weeks time.

For a change we are doing a participation game using 40mm figures from the Front Rank and Sash and Sabre ranges.

For rules we are using Musket and Tomahawks which will make for a fun game.

Here are a few pictures of the game.

Thursday 9 January 2014

Rule ideas for The War Game

I have been thinking about some rule ideas for Charles Grants the War Game.

My 28mm collection is organized on 16 figure infantry and 8 figure cavalry units. For the War Game I combine these into 32 and 16 figure units respectively.

The problem is there are no officers to remove which makes morale a bit harder to work out.

Well I have come up with the following ideas.

Infantry and cavalry units are based upon the number 8. Units will therefore be 8, 16, 24, 32 etc

Unit strength loses for Morale are as follows

1/8 lost -1
1/4 lost -2
3/8 lost -3
1/2 lost -4

The 50% rule still applies

Sounds complex but actually for a 32 man unit mounted 4 on a base this equals a base per increment. 2 base lost is - 2 on a morale test.

For 16 cavalry mounted 2 to a base it equals, yes you guessed it, a base a increment

Officer losses. When ever a unit loses 1/8 of its strength roll a d6.  If a 6 is rolled the unit loses an officer and suffers a -1 morale penalty.  For each officer lost roll another D6 and if it's a another 6 it's the Colonel that is Iost. I mark the unit with a small dice showing officers lost. 

An oprtional rule is to lose an officer on a 5 or 6 in a Melee.

Infantry firing get 1 dice per complete base of 4 figures firing. Use the standard rules for firing except to reduce the casualties I have introduced saving throws.

For each hit, except Officer loses, caused by Infantry volleys throw a d6 saving on a 5 or 6. This applies to all target types.

As Light Infantry fires individually I don't propose to make any changes to light infantry firing. Light Infantry can still target enemy officers.