Friday 13 January 2012

Plattville Orders of Battle

Plattville Project 

The following orders of battle have been taken for the War Game and the description of the battle.  There seem to be gaps which I will have to fill in. 

Union Forces - George H Thomas 

Kearneys Brigade: 10th Iowa and 2nd Illinois
?              Brigade: New York Fire Zouaves and Berdans sharpshooters
?              Brigade: 5th New Jersey and 20th Maine  
? Cav      Brigade: 6th Illinois (Grierson) and 1st Vermont
Artillery Battery   : 44th Illinois

Confederate Forces - Jubal A Ealry

Penders Brigade:  7th Texas and 5th Kentucky
?           Brigade:   1st Maryland and 6th Louisiana 
?           Brigade:   18th Georgia and 2nd Mississippi
? Cav   Brigade:    2nd Virginia and 1st North Carolina 
Artillery Battery:    Peckhams

Map borrowed from