Tuesday 22 August 2023

SYW using DBN

It's been a whole since I posted so I thought I would post a SYW game I recently played a using the SYW version of DBN using my 28mm collection. 

DBN (De Bellis Napoleonicis) is a Napoleonic set of rules but has supplements for a range of periods including SYW and ACW. I helped design and a test the SYW supplement which is available as a free download from DBN Wargaming

I played a 26 point game, loosely based on the battle of Kolin, with Alex Testo the author of DBN. The game was closely fought with my Austrians claiming victory in a game that lasted 2 hours. 

Massed ranks of Frederick's finest. Although in the game the Austrians proved to be more than match for them.

Each base, or element, is a unit and I have rebased my infantry on 80 by 40mm bases with 10 figures.  This will also allow me to use 3 bases as a 30 figure unit for Grants The Wargame.

Cavalry bases are 80 by 60mm and have either 3 or 4 figures depending on type.  I have organised these so I can use 2 bases for the Wargame.

A unit of Prussian Jager defending  a wood. The Jager are actually Barry Minot 1806 Prussians which I bought around 1975 and are still going strong. 

An artillery battery is based on a 80mm square base. The big bases make is a lot easier both playing a game and storing/transporting the figures.