Saturday 2 November 2019

Fixing Broken Bayonets

I have collected enough Hinton Hunt French Fusiliers (FN15) to provide the figures for the fusiliers for 2 French Line Battalions.

Unfortunately most of them have lost their bayonets and require fixing.

I have in the past tried plastic card and this has been moderately successful. This time I used a plastic HaT figure to be my bayonet donor. The size and shape of the bayonet are almost the same as the HH bayonet and it most importantly it looks like a bayonet.

I cut the bayonet and the end tip of the musket of the plastic figure. I then cleaned upon the HH figure and filed a straight edge before scoring the ends the of the joint to make a rougher join.

I stuck the replacement to the figure using super glue and a little PVA glue. Once set I reinforced the joint area with a little Milliput.  Once dry this can be gently sanded.

I have tested the join and it is solid. The flexibility of HaT plastic helps as it bends without putting pressure on the join.  Hopefully I can get the paint to adhere and not flak.

And the final comparison photo showing my repaired next to a complete one. Once painted I think it be near impossible to tell the difference.